About Us

At JDH ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS we are passionate about financial inclusion and as such we made it our business to financially include people.

« Many have no access to the internet and many have no idea what is a financial system, why they should be part of it, what benefits are there for them to take advantage of, the drawbacks, etc. »

We also bring innovative payment solutions for small and very small businesses, private or public companies, administrations, governmental departments, domestic and worldwide organizations.

JDH Vision

Our vision is to provide Financial Inclusion to 1/5 of the African population in the next 5 years.

JDH Mission

Our mission is to help people at the bottom of the social pyramid to achieve financial inclusion (freedom) by giving them access to a free, fast, secure, reliable payment and transfer platform.

JDH Market

Our main market and focus are the unbanked, people in precarious position, in urban or rural areas, living in remote locations. We also cater for all other segments and clients in need of an innovative, fast, secure, reliable and transparent payment and transfer system. This includes domestic and cross border transactions.

The Board & the JDH Ambassadors

Mr. Hugo Berta is a well-established consultant for several multinational companies.
Hugo is currently in charge of several mission developments for different companies acting in the Construction, Virtual Reality, Finance & Banking and Commodities Trade.
Over the years, Hugo has developed skills in cross cultural management and negotiation; with a worldwide network of high level executive of multinational companies and government departments.

Mr. Dom Berta

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Dom Berta is currently executive vice president for RELIANCE HOLDING USA, Houston TX, a subsidiary of RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED, the largest private Indian company. In this role, he is responsible for the development of two large oil and gas assets located in the United States, with an average revenues and capital expenditures of several hundred million dollars annually
Prior to that role, Dom had various management positions at CONOCOPHILLIPS, in the USA or international, be they technical, financial or business development.

Mr. Luc Simonet

Central Africa Ambassador

Mr. Luc Simonet, Lawyer at Brussels court since 1976, and former member of the Lawyers council, is honorary Solicitor since the Jannuary 2015. Luc is since 2002, judge substitute to the Brussels court Court of Appeal; and was member of the Notary Commission Nomination from 2013 to 2017. Luc is the founder et president of the international Association OPTIMISTES SANS FRONTIERES, a consultatif member of the social economic Council of UN and located in 12 countries (20 soon) across Africa and Europe. www.optimistessansfrontieres.org – www.optimistan.org

Dr. El Hadj Malik Gueye

West Africa Ambassador

Dr. El Hadj Malick Gueye is a Senegalese diplomat in charge of different diplomatic, social, charity and business missions in West Africa.
After numbers of years spent in Spain, France and United States along with multinational organizations acting in construction, tourism and hotel industry; nowadays Malick is developing his activities and representation in West Africa, and based in Sénégal.
Malick preserves Friendly relationships with State Members, politics, diplomat in whole Africa and West Europe.

Mr. Yann Metayer

Ambassador South America

Mr. Yann Metayer, is A French professional specialised in correspondence banking services and cross border payments. Yann is currently the CEO and founder of Blue-Flux Ltd (www.blue-flux.com) specialized in international transactions and Forex, handling client’s assets.
His market operational expertise and deep ties to South America provides an advantageous attribute for representation and intermediation on behalf of JDH products. Based in Europe but always travelling around, he is always willing to help and support its partners.