Set-up of the Financial Platform & Partner Roadmap

Merchant Roadmap

For the Merchants or Agents:

  • JDH Introduction Letter & Platform Business case are transfered to the partner (“Merchant”) via the JDH Representative
  • Conference Call between JDH Board director(s) and the Merchant directors.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Exchange of documents, including Letter of Mutual Understanding (MOU)
  • Introduction to the Financial Platform, signature of partnership contract & Project team
  • Roll Out

Merchant’s employees Roadmap

For the Merchant’s employees:

  • Once the partnership contract is signed between the Partner and the financial platform, JDH team will get in touch with the Merchant directors to receive the employees contact details.
  • JDH Champions will get in touch with each employee to complete the registration process.
    Once registered on the platform, the users or employees has a eWallet or VirtualCard, and is now linked to the global and local financial system. JDH Champion will provide him support and help, in order to be comfortable and secured to use his / her eWallet.

JDH will reply and clarify to all the Partner’s technical and commercial questions