There are 2 types of users of the Financial platform:

  • The Merchants (Merchants, Banks or Agents)
  • The End Users (End users or Merchants’ emplyees)

Our targets

It is JDH ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS role to introduce the financial platform/System to the different MERCHANTS

Banks, Money transfers companies, Insurance companies, Government departments, Entrepreneurs, NGO, Businesses, Business Owners, Private & Public Companies, Associations, Administrations, Enterprises, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Clinics – medical and otherwise, Micro Finance Institutions, Money Transfer Agencies, Transport companies, taxis networks, Hotels and Resorts, Membership organizations, Trade Unions, and all partners in need of efficient, fast, cost effective, reliable, secure payment system, for their own benefit and/or for the benefit of their users, clients & employees.

It is JDH ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS role to introduce Finance Platform System to the different END USERS

Any individuals from Urban or Rural region, with or without Bank account, family and friends, young and old, employed or unemployed, retired or student, having internet or not, having a smartphone or not, having a phone or not; are potential End Users of the financial platform.

JDH commits to provide all its expertise and support to each potential partner (Banks, Merchants/Agents or End Users); in order to select together the most adapted option(s) or utilization(s) of the Financial Platform system and services.

Partnership options

JDH task is to recruit and inform in each country the Financial platform’s Merchants & End Users.

For the Merchant, there are 3 options* /possibilities of the platform utilization

Accept payment from the platform (to receive payment from Clients, users, administered, etc.)
To use the platform as intern payment system (to pay employees, supplier, etc.).
To become Agent for the platform

For the Bank, there are 2 options of partnership with the financial platform

To become an Finance Platform Banking partner (BIN sponsorship agreement) for the transactions in the whole country. Automatically, the Bank’s agencies becomes the finance platform’s agents
To become Agent for the finance platform : the Bank’s agencies in the whole country becomes the finance platform’s agents

For the End Users

JDH Champions will provide support and help to the End Users (with or without Bank account) to fulfill and complete the registration process (KYC)
After KYC validation, the End Users has a Virtual card or eWallet; and is now connected to the global financial network
Via its eWallet, the End users has access to all financial services (bank services, money transfer, payment system, mobile banking, etc.) with all transactions and all settlement in REAL TIME

For the Merchant’s employees, it has never been so easy, quick and cheap to receive the salary

JDH offers a service to the Merchants (Merchant option 1*), where JDH Champions will get in touch with the merchant’s employees for a complete, quick and organized registration
Once registered the Merchant’s employee will receive automatically and immediately its salary, whether he or she is in a different region or country. Also, the employee has free, fast and secured access to all the platform’s services

* The task of JDH is to identify with the potential partner (merchants or Bank), in regards to its activities, the most adapted option(s) for a partnership with the finance platform.